The International Australian Studies Association (InASA) was formed in 1995, in recognition that Australian studies is an international enterprise with Australian studies centres and professional associations throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

 InASA’s aim is to promote links between the Australian and international Australian studies communities, and to lobby Federal and State governments to support the development of Australian studies internationally. InASA welcomes individuals, institutions, Australian studies centres and Associations as members.

InASA produces the Journal of Australian Studies the premier Australian studies journal. The present executive draws on Australian Studies expertise nationally and internationally.

Our Aims

InASA has been constituted both to consolidate Australian studies within Australia, and to assist the growing international enterprise. Its purposes are:

  • to perpetuate the interdisciplinary nature of Australian studies, serving as the meeting point on common problems for teachers, scholars and all others with intellectual and scholarly interests in Australian issues. Informational networks, publications and conferences promoted by InASA will be the channel to bring together Australianists from across the world
  • to provide a framework bringing Australian studies centres and associations together for information exchange and to generate common projects where appropriate
  • to enhance information exchange between overseas associations, and to assist them in developing relations with Australian-based academic, collecting and research institutions, and with relevant government bodies
  • to provide a peak body to lobby for comprehensive dissemination of information and co-ordination by government and government agencies in the promotion and funding of Australian Studies, and
  • to provide a voice for Australian studies in new educational and cultural initiatives.

In pursuit of these objectives, InASA aims to provide a service to individual members by enhanced access to information-sharing and knowledge of events, and enhanced opportunities to meet and to publish. InASA places a high priority on building links between centres and associations, disseminating information through an active publishing program, and expanding conference offerings as a way of bringing Australianists together.