CfP: Australian Narratives in Film and Literature: Critical Perspectives

Issue: May-Aug, Vol. 69, N.2, 2016
Deadline: 29/February (8 to 10,000 words)
Ever since the early days of British occupation of Australia, there has been a major concern in finding a balance between the colonial ways of looking to the land and the difficulty, if not impossibility, of dealing with the vastness of the Australian territory and the diversity of its native peoples. Such tensions, far from being resolved, have created a literary and filmic system which reflects the multiplicity of approaches and constructions of Australian land and culture and whose examples, unfortunately, do not reach the non-English-speaking world as they should.
This edition of Ilha do Desterro, one of the longest-running Brazilian journals devoted to English studies, is the first ever dedicated exclusively to the analysis and discussion of Australian literature and cinema in the country. The editors welcome proposals dealing with, though not restricted to:
  • Colonial and postcolonial readings of Australian Literature
  • Aboriginality in film and literature
  • Ethnicity and multiculturalism in film and literature
  • Whiteness and masculinity in film and literature
  • Australian literature and film and/in the Asia-Pacific region (and the world)
  • Gender and sexuality in film and literature
  • Ecocritical approaches to film and literature
  • Australian film and transnational contexts
  • Australia and travel narrative films
Ilha do Desterro: A Journal of English Language, Literatures in English and  Cultural Studies, ISSN 2175-8026, is a highly qualified open access peer reviewed journal that is published by UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – Florianópolis – Brazil).  It is indexed by SCOPUS, SciElo, MLA, Latindex, Ebsco among other important data bases.
Manuscripts in English should follow MLA style or ABNT, if in Portuguese.
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Prof. Dr. Eduardo Marks de Marques
Professor de Literaturas de Língua Inglesa
Coordenador do Colegiado da Licenciatura em Letras – Português e Inglês
Coordenador do PIBID – Letras-Língua Portuguesa
Centro de Letras e Comunicação – CLC
Universidade Federal de Pelotas – UFPel
Presidente da Associação de Professores Universitários de Inglês (ABRAPUI) – Biênio 2015-2016