EASA Liège conference in January 2017

Dear INASA members,


Paula Horta and Vanessa Castejon would like to know if you would be interested in participating in a workshop they have planned at the EASA Liège conference in January 2017. They have worked previously on Ubuntu and Egohistoire and would like to ask you if you could make a 180s movie/presentation about the link between your own story/History and your research.

The presentation/movie could include documents, pictures, movies or even just your voice, it would be done prior to the conference and would be shown during the conference together with other presentations. The aim is twofold: to show that first, knowing the researcher gives another light to his/her research and second, that narrating experience becomes part of a communal process of sharing self-reflexive stories that develops a sense of interdependence and reciprocity among researchers.


The process might take a while, this is the reason why they are making this request now, in September. Thinking about the link between what you do and who you are takes time as you need to dig in yourself to offer something personal.

Here are some examples of “ego-histoire”:


We would be grateful if you could let them know of your availability to contribute to their project by September 15th 2016.


If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Vanessa Castejon at