Call for Expressions of Interest in Hosting InASA Biennial Conference

The International Australian Studies Association is calling expressions of interest to host the 2024 OR 2026 biennial conferences.

InASA conferences in face-to-face mode are traditionally held during the last week of November or first week of December, a time that minimises clashes with other large HASS events (scoping and avoiding potential clashes nationally and locally is strongly encouraged to ensure strong registrations/attendance). However, it’s possible to offer some more flexibility to potential conference organisers: because of the pandemic, we moved our 2020 conference to February 2021 and held it online. Both the February date and the online format were popular and successful. As such, we are open to expressions of interest during the two conference periods currently open for EOIs, either

1. November/December 2024 or early February 2025
2. November/December 2026 or early February 2027

While we are open to expressions of interest that are just face-to-face or all online, we encourage potential conveners to consider hybrid models, at least partially (ie you could choose to have
some sessions in different modes).

The information requested below will assist the committee in selecting the host of the next InASA conference:

  • Conference Convener(s) and short professional biography, including experience organising conferences or other major events.
  • Do you propose an online, face-to-face or hybrid model for the conference? If online or hybrid, please describe what you envision, taking into account the technical capabilities of
    your host institution.
  • Rationale for city and institution (if face-to-face and/or hybrid)
  • Date(s) of conference (we recommend either the last week of November, first week of December, or in the period after the 26 January public holiday and the second week of February, bearing in mind different State’s school year commencements may raise travel costs and create attendance hurdles for some members)
  • Expected degree of Institutional Support: e.g., contributory funding and ancillary support; whether or not there will be charges for space, room hire, IT provision, etc; administrative
  • Potential collaborators attached to the university or externally, e.g. internal research centres, institutes etc; other universities; cultural institutions; etc.
  • Size of HDR pool from which to draw
  • Anticipated number of delegates (in previous years we have ranged from 140-250 attendees)
  • Other relevant information and/or ideas for the conference e.g. proposed theme, streams, organising committee, innovations
  • Ideas for Plenaries/Keynotes (*this is not binding, but rather indicative*. We ask that the successful bid keeps in regular contact with the InASA President about keynote invitations
    closer to the event)

Depending on the successful EOI, InASA may be able to support the costs of one keynote speaker (budget dependent), and InASA can usually support some HDR candidates with InASA bursaries that may include travel, accommodation, &/or registrations  budget dependent). Considering interstate colleagues is important given that this is a national organisation.

There are several prizes awarded at InASA conferences, and we will be able to promote your event and these scheduled awards through InASA’s communications and social media subcommittee.

Please return your expression of interest (no more than 4 pages in length) to the InASA President by 11 September 2023. Your EOI will be considered by the InASA Executive Committee at its 3rd quarter meeting, and we will manage any conflicts of interest carefully.

If you have questions about past InASA conference organisation, please feel free to contact past convenors and / or