History Compass – looking for new editorial board

History Compass is looking for new members of the editorial team.

History Compass is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing articles based on original research in established and emerging fields of historical inquiry, review essays and articles reporting on innovations in history teaching and learning.

Originally launched by Wiley – Blackwell in association with the Institute of Historical Research (UK), History Compass has enjoyed a strong reputation amongst by North American colleagues and is recognised as a journal of international impact by the European Union’s science foundation.

Over the past fifteen years, the Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and Pacific section of the journal has published significant work by established and early career researchers, with a special emphasis upon bringing innovative research findings by postgraduate and early career researchers to the attention of international audiences.  We have also encouraged reflective essays on teaching the history of Oceania in times of considerable change within the academies of our region.

Over the past decade, History Compass’s Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and Pacific section has been edited by Professors Kate Darian-Smith, Katie Pickles and Paul Turnbull.  We three now feel it is time to place the journal in the hands of  (ideally) early and mid-career researchers with fresh ideas and perspectives on the history of our region.

Our hope, however, is that colleagues interesting in serving as editors will continue History Compass’s tradition of publishing work by colleagues in the early phases of their career, and helping postgraduates bring their work to international attention. In a time of escalating scholarly publication costs, we would also like to see the journal explore publishing more themed issues originating from conferences and symposia devised by younger colleagues.

Kate and Katie plan to leave the journal as soon as is practicable given both have taken up new and challenging positions. Paul has retired, taking up honorary professorships in order to focus on his research after a long career involving service in various management positions.  He will continue to be an editor of History Compass so as to assist in the transition to a new team.

History Compass differs from many other journals in that editors are encouraged to commission a number of articles each year, and work with authors on preparing their submissions for double blind peer review (generally by colleagues who are leading scholars in the relevant field). Editors thereby receive a small annual remuneration from Wiley-Blackwell.  We also aim to choose reviewers who will provide supportive criticism and encouragement of younger colleagues.

If you are interested in exploring your joining the editorial team, do please contact Paul Turnbull via email:  He will be able to give you further information.