New Book by Two Members of InASA Executive:

Travelling Home, ‘Walkabout Magazine’ and Mid-Twentieth- Century Australia

Mitchell Rolls and Anna Johnston


‘Travelling Home’ provides a detailed analysis of the contribution that the mid twentieth-century ‘Walkabout’ magazine made to Australia’s cultural history.

‘Walkabout’ was one of the most popular magazines in mid-twentieth century Australia, educating local and international readers about the Australian landscape, its peoples and industry. It featured many of the most interesting writers, natural scientists and commentators. This book investigates ‘Walkabout’ magazine’s pivotal role in Australian cultural history.



Introduction: Making Mid-Twentieth-Century Opinion; 1. Walkabout: The Magazine; 2. Writing Walkabout; 3. Peopling Australia: Writers, Anthropologists and Aborigines; 4. Advertising Australia: Development, Modernity and Commerce; 5. Transforming Country: Natural History and Walkabout; 6. Knowing Our Neighbours: The Pacific Region; Conclusion: ‘Walkabout Rocks’


About the Author(s) / Editor(s)

Mitchell Rolls is senior lecturer and programme director of Aboriginal Studies in the School of Humanities, University of Tasmania, Hobart, and president of the International Australian Studies Association. With a background in cultural anthropology, he works across disciplines to draw attention to the contextual subtleties underlying contemporary cultural constructions, identity politics and related postcolonial and settler colonial exigencies. He has published widely on these issues.


Anna Johnston is associate professor of English literature in the Institute for Advanced Studies, Humanities and the School of Communication and Arts, University of Queensland. She is also an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. A literary studies scholar specializing in colonial and postcolonial studies, she has a long-standing scholarly commitment to understanding Australian literature and culture in a transnational context and to working across disciplines to explain the aftermath of colonialism.

Pub Date: 06 July 2016 Binding: Hardback Price: £70.00 /  $115.00 ISBN: 9781783085378

Extent: 260 pages

Size: 152 x 229 mm /

6 x 9 inches

Illustrations: 64 figures


Oceanian HISTORY / Australia & New Zealand, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Popular Culture




Exclusive: WORLD

Series: Anthem Studies in Australian Literature and Culture


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