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Reimagining Australia, Part 1 & 2

Reimagining Australia, Part 1 & 2.

Guest Editors:  Baden Offord, Thor Kerr, Rob Garbutt, Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes, Elfie Shiosaki, Misty Farquhar and Dean Chan

This special double issue of Coolabah, numbers 24 & 25, was developed from selected presentations at Reimagining Australia: Encounter, Recognition, Responsibility, the International Australian Studies Association (InASA) Conference 2016, hosted by the Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University, and held in Fremantle, Western Australia, on 7-9 December. The double issue addresses the urgent need for Australia to be reimagined as inclusive, conscious of its landscape and contexts, locale, history, myths and memory, amnesia, politics, cultures and futures; reimagined via intense conversations and inter-epistemic dialogue; reimagined through different ways of knowing, belonging and doing. Key agendas, polemics and contestations at stake in this two-part publication project are raised in Tony Birch’s thought-provoking article that serves equally as an introductory essay.


Table of Contents



Baden Offord et al


INTRODUCTORY ESSAY: “On what terms can we speak?” Refusal, resurgence and climate justice

Tony Birch


Thinking for place in Australia: Owning the occupation

Rachel Joy


Re-imagining Australian citizenship: Australian values and allegiance to Australia

Maria Chisari


Reimagining belonging: The quest of Africans for relational belonging and the Australian requirement of integration

Yirga Woldeyes


Reimagining Italian-Australian identities through soccer: Critical notes on a history of Italian soccer clubs in Perth

Fausto Butta


Re-remembering Australia: Public memorials sharing difficult knowledge

Alison Atkinson-Phillips


Reimagining Australia via disability and media: Representation, access and digital integration

Katie Ellis, Mike Kent, Scott Hollier, Shawn Burns, Gerard Goggin


Broken forms: Prose poetry as hybridised genre in Australia

Paul Hetherington, Cassandra Atherton


Tracing the Girls: Reimagining the immigrant past

Carol Millner


Japanese ancestors, non-Japanese family, and community: Ethnic identification of Japanese descendants in Broome, Western Australia

Yuriko Yamanouchi


“They were afraid to speak”: Testimonies of Aboriginal women at the 1934 Moseley Royal Commission

Elfie Shiosaki


Searching for the in-between: Developing Indigenous holistic approaches to cultural heritage assessment and interpretation

Sarah Yu


Resistance and visibility: How technology has promoted activism from Australia’s black sites

Michelle Bui



Baden Offord et al


A case for reimagining Australia: Dialogic registers of the Other, truth-telling and a will to justice

Dean Chan, Misty Farquhar, Rob Garbutt, Thor Kerr, Baden Offord, Elfie Shiosaki, Yirga Woldeyes


Reimagining Australia at the cosmopolitan intersection

Greg Watson


One Day in Fremantle: TV representation of this alternative to Australia Day

Shapen Cox, Thor Kerr


Teaching the welcoming of diversity and difference in a contemporary Australian university

Lekkie Hopkins, Lucy Hopkins


From rhetoric to learning: Bridging the disconnect between policy and teaching practice around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia in the Australian primary education system

Majon Williamson Kefu


The impact of targeted educational programmes on academic outcomes for African students in Western Australia

Kwadwo Adusei-Asante


Reimagining the cultural significance of wetlands: From Perth’s lost swamps to the Beeliar Wetlands

Danielle Brady, Jeffrey Murray


On the ground: Reimagining community protection of the ecosphere in the Northern Rivers

Yvonne Hartman, Sandy Darab


The aftermath of rape: Innovative approaches to understanding sexual violence against Australian women and children

Brenda Downing


Writing on thresholds: Ali Cobby Eckermann’s Inside My Mother

Molly Murn


Queering and querying the Australian suburbs: Reimagining (sub)urban identities

Nicholas Manganas