The 3rd Biennial International Conference of the Polish Association for the Study of Australia and New Zealand

Polish Association for the Study of Australia and New Zealand’s
3rd Biennial International Conference
Redefining Australia and New Zealand: Insularity, Solidarity, Disunity?
Online, 22-23 September 2021
Organised by
Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Call for Papers

Polish Association for the Study of Australia and New Zealand, together with the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University would like to invite you to submit papers to the international conference “Redefining Australia and New Zealand: Insularity, Solidarity, Disunity”, which will take place online on 22-23 September 2021.

During the conference, we would like to explore the impact of global, regional and local forces on Australia and New Zealand and their societies, policies, identities, cultures, and geopolitical positions, as well as the ensuing results of such influences which may have taken and may take the form of national and transnational conflicts and disunities, solidarities among societies or individuals, national egoisms, particularisms, or self-interests.

We invite papers on topics connected with, but not limited to:
•Australia and New Zealand in the time of the pandemic (social distancing and state isolation, civil liberties vs. police powers, community-based and international solidarities)
•International relations of Australia and New Zealand (their position in the Pacific region and globally, current policies, historical perspectives, Australia’s trade war with China)
•Political polarisation (growing gap between political parties and their supporters, polarisation of media discourses)
•Multiculturalism (inclusion versus “otherness” in Australia and New Zealand, transnational solidarities, building identities in defiance of or compliance with the past)
•Gender (feminist and LGBTQ+ solidarities, re-writing of female and LGBTQ+ histories)
•Environment (beyond-human solidarities, Australia and New Zealand from eco-critical perspectives)
•Indigenous perspectives (solidarities with Indigenous peoples, trans-Indigenous solidarities in the Pacific, Indigenous rights and political claims, indigenous methodologies)
•Culture (re-thinking insularity, hostility and solidarity in Australian and New Zealand literature, film, art, religion, media)
•Linguistics (Insularity, hostility and solidarity in public discourses, solidarity with and assimilation of minority language groups)
•Economy (economic rivalries or solidarities and their impact on political and cultural cooperation or isolation)

We invite papers from scholars representing a variety of disciplines including history, political science, law, sociology, literary studies, film studies, media studies and linguistics.

Plenary lectures will be given by:
dr Beate Josephi (Edith Cowan University)
prof. Jan Lencznarowicz (Jagiellonian University)
and poetry reading by:
Andrew Taylor (Edith Cowan University)

The language of the conference is English. Accepted conference participants will be given twenty minutes for their presentations, with an additional ten minutes for discussion. We ask for proposals up to 300 words. Workshops or panels are also invited. Applicants are requested to provide their brief bios, no longer than 100 words long, including their professional affiliation, title, publications. All submissions should be sent to Dr Elżbieta Wilczyńska (

Deadline for proposals:
1 July 2021
Confirmation of acceptance will be sent by 15 July 2021.

Conference fee:
20 Euro.

Registration details will be provided at (more information in the second circular):