InASA statement on the University of Sydney’s decision not to fund the Chair of Australian Literature

The International Australian Studies Association (InASA) is writing in response to recent press reports of the discontinuation of the Chair of Australian Literature at University of Sydney unless philanthropic funding is forthcoming (SMH 15/10/2019; The Australian 16/10/19). InASA urges immediate reconsideration of this course of action on numerous grounds.  At a time when tensions are... Continue Reading →

CFP: ANZSANA Conference

ANZSANA 27th Annual Conference 5-7 February, 2020 The University of Guadalajara at Puerto Vallarta. The Australian and New Zealand Studies Association of North America invites scholars, graduate students*,professionals, writers, and artists to submit papers and roundtable discussions to its 27th annual conference, which,for the second time in ANZSANA’s history, will take place in Mexico, this... Continue Reading →

CFP: Special edition of Coolabah

"Crime and Punishment" Few scholars of Australian history need reminding that Colonial Australia began as a prison. While the detrimental effect it had, and perhaps still has, on Indigenous Australia is unambiguous, to what extent this brutal background shaped the modern nation merits re-evaluation. In 1788 Australian society was divided into convicts versus guards, ratbags... Continue Reading →

New Book: Paris Savages

Fraser Island, 1882. The population of the Badtjala people is in sharp decline following a run of brutal massacres. When German scientist Louis Müller offers to sail three Badtjala people – Bonny, Jurano and Dorondera – to Europe to perform to huge crowds, the proud and headstrong Bonny agrees, hoping to bring his people’s plight... Continue Reading →

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